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Parsons Hockey School


Mission Statement

At Parsons Hockey School, our mission is to empower individuals through the sport of hockey. We believe creating a safe and fun environment to learn will not only develop exceptional athletes but also outstanding individuals. 

Our commitment to instilling values such as Discipline, Enthusiasm, Integrity, Confidence, and Commitment is unwavering. We strive to create an environment where every player can grow not just in their hockey skills, but also in their personal character.

Our goal is to provide Personal coaching that goes beyond the ice rink, ensuring that every participant leaves with the tools to excel in hockey and life. We value and cherish the process to win more than winning itself. 


Parsons Hockey School is more than just a place to learn hockey, it's a community where friendships are formed, and futures are shaped. We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our players, helping them become not only better athletes but also better people.

Together, we skate toward a brighter future.

Mitchell Parsons 

Founder/Owner, Parsons Hockey School

“This is my daughters first year playing hockey (age 9) she participated in the recent skating development class. Adding this class one day a week resulted in significant progression. She really enjoyed attending his class and will be sure to do future classes with Mitch! Watching the classes I saw the kids doing exercises I haven’t seen done in regular practice so in my eyes it was 100% worth the investment."

Brianna Eslinger, Parent

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